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C463 Most Royal Monarchs Bikini Slime Tank Christmas Special

Full HD

Firstly Merry Christmas to all! Today we have many firsts. The first time the tank has been filled with Slime for female media and the first time a girl has been pied with shaving foam pies.

Today we have the lovely Charley and Frankie… both wear robes with bikinis underneath… they dont know whats going on! but the girl with a matching bikini to the slime in the tank (red/green) will get some bonus points. Then the girls play Rock Paper Sciccors to see who will go first.

Once revealed they take a seat and its onto the quiz where the girls are asked 6 questions each if they get a question wrong they get a bowl of cold water chucked over them… and the loser also gets the remaing bowls from the other girls right questions chucked over them.

The winner will get a special christmas prize of some real Cash!

Then of course theyre onto the slime tank where for the first time ever a girl gets into the gunge tank that is filled with christmas slim in their bikini! They go in and get slimed then come out and we make sure theyre covered before the wash off at the end!