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Today the girls turn up in their own clothes, after Casey explains that they have a pair of pyjamas in the bottom of the sleeping bag behind them and on the signal they must take off their shoes and jump into the sleeping bag and change from their clothes into their pyjamas the one to do it the first gets the advantage in the next round.

In the next round the winner gets asked multiple choice questions, if they get it right then they get to pick and envelope if they get it wrong we just move onto the next question.

The envelopes contain messy items, the word swap and prize. The prize Is nice breakfast hamper, and the swamp means they must swamp places with the other player who is led on their sleeping bag waiting to receive the mess.

After the questions are up the left over envelopes are given to each girl and before being revealed they must choose if they want the item or outcome or if their opponent gets it. Once the mess has been used up the girl(s) must roll around in their sleeping bag mixing all the mess up.