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C459 Numerically Challenged Review Part 1 Charlotte and Sky

Full HD

I introduce that iain-ecgunge has hit the number 20 of custom scenes. This scene test me out on how much i can remember from all the episodes. Casey askes me questions on the Numerically Challenged scenes. We have Sky wearing a PVC outfit and is here to take pies for when i get answers right. But when i get them wrong i get pied. Though while ansering them Lisa is squirting gunge at me. Then after my round Sky gets a chance to answer some questions where rolls are reverese if she gets it wrong she gets pied if she gets it right i get pied as well as being put off by gunge.

After that i have to do 5 dance routines from popular songs in 2 minutes.Then someone ends up the gunge tank covered in silver gunge after we both make sure we are covered in the gunge and then we wash off.