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C444 Charlotte Lisa Tiswas Shirts Shiny Shorts Messy

Full HD

Charlotte and Lisa are wearing Tiswas t-shirts along with shiny blue shorts, with white socks and trainers. Lisa educates Charlotte about the t-shirts theyre wearing and about ’tiswas’… and that she used to watch it every week. Charlotte tells Lisa that she has to go into the gunge tank and is gona get her nice tiswas t-shirt ruined. Lisa gets guned in yellow gunge. Then Charlotte Pies her… Charlotte gloats in Lisas face that shes clean, Lisa goes and gets a trolley of mess, Custard pies, rice pudding, porridge, bucket of water and two trifles. Charlotte gets all the mess over her. In the end they both cover them selves in yellow gunge and then get washed off.