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C442 Amy Casey Charlotte GameShow Host Gunged

Full HD

Acted gameshow Hosted by Casey and Me. I’ve just had an email ”I would really like to see Casey gunged I think she deserves to be gunged! ”

Back with contestant Amie… Casey asks Amie questions where if she gets a question right she gets to choose a number which corresponds to a prize which one of is getting sent to the gunge tank. But before we play I explain that we have changed the rules for today and if the gungetank prize is selected then Casey will end up in the gungetank! We play and Casey ends up getting sent to the gunge tank we play a little game to see if Casey gets gunged! of course Casey gets gunged while leading up to it she is super nervous. She gets gunged and then the replay plays before we end the gameshow after the acted gameshow we get Casey to roll around in the gunge before washing off. Casey is wearing a grey top with pvc style skirt while bare legged with heels that are removed when going into the tank.