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C433 Amie Tests Amazing Water and Charlotte Tries Too

Full HD

Amie comes in to test out some water, she tries bottle one. she doesn’t like it she tries bottle two?! Better… then bottle three she takes a sip and hands it back to me then she wants more and more and more, Amie cant believe how amazing it is She wants more but there’s no bottles left but there are a few buckets. she has them straight over her head… it feel amazing She goes a bit mad and dips her head into the large bath full of this new wonderful water then jugs some onto her hair. After a short while she snaps out of it and is kind of embarrassed, she leaves but then pretends she’s forgot something and comes back for one last bucket over her head. Charlotte cant believe it and tastes some of the water and wow yes its great. she dips her head into the clear container full of the magic water then dips again and again. She then buckets it out over her head until she’s ran out… she looks around and then walks over the bath and dives in. She jugs the water over herself then dunks her head then she rolls around before getting out feeling a little embarrassed to and then leaves. Sneaky Amie comes back for a dive in to and does the same, jugging the water over her head and hair. The camera mainly focuses on upper body and wet hair.