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The girls today are playing to try and win against Casey, They have some mini games to complete before the time is up to try and win to get Casey messy. Firstly they are given a envelope and have to right there name on it…

Round 1 After this Casey explains that both girls will be playing some games together as a team to try and get her messy if they are winners, however if they lose they’ll get messy instead.

Casey explains they’ll have 5 minutes to complete all the games but (only 1 has to complete each of the games and they can pick which game to do, and even swap if they are failing).

Second Round: The competing girl plays ‘match the cards’ she has 2 and half minutes to match/pair all of them. On the table are 28 cards face down (all 13 diamonds, 13 hearts and 2 jokers) the one playing has 3 minutes to pair up each card. She can turn one over and then a second if she doesn’t match them up she has to turn them both over again., if she correctly turns over the same two cards Casey takes them off the table.

At the end of the second round Casey reveals whether or not they have won. To win they have to have successfully completed the round two card game and have a nearly beat every challenge in round 1 (definitely have to have found every star, have a tower built and moved all the smarties and scored one of the ping pong balls, the countries they need to have got 3 of the 5 close by to win that challenge) Obviously if the girls failed one of the rounds or both then they lose. — Outcome 1 (Girls win)

If they won Casey gets the girls to open their envelopes and show the camera, revealing the inside

The one who had the “?” inside joins Casey in the gungetank, the other girl gets to pie them both in the face twice before gunging them as they stand hugging/facing each other, after this the two of them get to pour all of the jugs/bowls on the trolley over Casey 3 Bowls: Beans Mushroom Soup Rice Pudding 3 Jugs: Spaghetti Leak and Potato soup Milkshake After this Casey brings the second trolley with the same 6 messes and the clean girl “Winner” has to sit down and have the mess poured over her. 3 bowls and 3 jugs over her whilst she has her hands tied behind her back. –Outcome 2 (Girls lost)

If they lost both of them go into the gungetank and Casey pies them twice each before gunging them as they stand close hugging together. After this she brings out the second trolley and both girls are made to sit in chairs (arms tied behind backs if possible) Both have the 3 bowls and 3 jugs each poured over them. 6 Bowls: Beans x2 Mushroom Soup x2 Rice Pudding x2 6 Jugs: Spaghetti x2 Leak and Potato soup x2 Milkshake x2.