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C423 Jem Charlie Keeley Pie Quiz for Gungetank and Mess

Full HD

The girls Jem, Charley and Keeley arrive wearing their own clothes and on camera are asked which dress they would like to wear. They choose, then go off and get changed and are back on camera.

Hosted by Casey they buzz in on multiple choice questions and if they answer correctly they get to choose who they pie, if they get it wrong they get pied. Will friends stick together or turn against each other? The winner is the one with the least amount of pies and most points and the loser the one with the most pies least points. Then a secret envelope is revealed that skews the odds! Then someone must choose whether they swap places with the unlucky girl in the tank or take the winning prize?

In the end someone gets gunged and someone gets a messy prize of spaghetti, passatta sauce, and custard! Then they roll around in the mess then all girls get washed off.