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Prepare for a game of esp!… Where second-guessing is the name of the game! It’s ‘great minds think alike’! Today’s contestants and teams are Harper with Casey and Amie with Sky.

Harper is wearing a pink pvc dungarees over a black long sleeve top and leggings with ankle boots. Casey is wearing a orange turtle neck long sleeve top with snakeskin pvc flared trousers over boots. Amie is wearing a yellow hoodie with camouflage trousers with white shoes and Sky is wearing a funky graffiti pattern hoodie and flared trouser bottoms with trainers. The game:

There are two rounds with the same gameplay but the difference is that the statements have a higher cash value in the second round. The teams take turns answering fill-in-the-blank statements. One team member will write down their answer and the other team member will try to match that answer. If there’s a match between the two, they’ll have cash added to their total.

After the two rounds and possible tie-breaker round the teams cash earnings are tallied and a winner is announced. While the winning team will get away clean with the cash they’ve earned, the losing team will lose their cash prize and will go in the gunge tank. Both team members will stand up in the tank while getting gunged with orange gunge. However, for one team member there’s an extra forfeit awaiting. The winners will decide together which team member of the losing team will get the extra forfeit. They’ll write down their answer on a piece of paper and then the host reveals it. The team member whose name is written will get the bowls of gunge over them poured by the winners. A great fun game with lots of laughs! Retro score counters total up cash earnings as the teams score and the contestants are in for a real cash prize! Graphics created by the customer 🙂