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C419 Amber Casey Charlotte Coin Dive Dunk Tank Leggings

Full HD

I am hosting and Amber and Casey are taking part in a bobbing for coins game show in our dunktank. The winner is the person with the most amount of money collected. Amber has a go first, followed by Casey. After watching the girls bob for coins, I think I can do a much better job. So I join in with the competition. Once the winner is decided, the two losers have to do a handstand in the tank to determine who the overall looser is. The winner is the judge of who does the best handstand. The forfeit for the overall looser is a freezing cold hosing. After the cold hosing we all decide to jump back in to the dunk tank one final time.

Casey is wearing: A red dress over a pair of leggings and is bare foot

Amber is wearing: A black dress over a pair of leggings and is bare foot

I’m wearing: A black Tshirt and leggings and I’m bare foot.