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Casey is hosting a village messy fate. Amber turns up but has never been to a fate like this before. They have a glass of fizzy and Amber mentions she is the queen of pies and paint. Amber then shows Casey what she means by pieing her, Casey then returns the favour. They have fun by pouring more mess on each other. Casey mentions she has a raffle, Amber is up for having a go and getting messy with the winning substances. Towards the end Casey remembers Amber said she was the queen of pies and paint. So Amber shows Casey what she means by asking her to take a seat in the gunge tank. Casey thinks the gunge tank is a wonderful idea and will use it in her next fate. Amber helps Casey to get some of the gunge out of the tank so Casey can have a little roll around. Amber is wearing: A summer dress, bare legs and heels. Casey is wearing: A floral dress, nude stockings and heels. Mess used: Pies, Custard, beans, a custard flan, squirty cream, rice pudding, sweet macaroni, condensed milk, spaghetti hoops, toffee sauce, and a green gunge tank.