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C412 Lucy Sky Hottub Play Strip From Ball Dresses Sexy Lingerie

Full HD

Lucy wonders in her satin ball dress, shes lost her purse and she strolls around thinking about it… she thinks she sees it in the hottub, she slips into the hottub and gets soaked… shes not happy… Sky walks in and laughs at her. Lucy pulls her in… Sky is annoyed. They wrestle around a bit tiring themselves out. They stand up showing off their wet dresses. Getting them wet again and dipping them into the water before stripping the dresses off to reveal some sexy lingerie… Though keeping their gloves on! They stand and let the camera see their wet underwear back and front. They sit back in the hottub and relax. They dip themselves up and down in the water showing off their wet bums! They stretch accross the hottub facing up and down showing off their wet lingerie.

They get up and show off their wet lingerie again before getting out putting their heels back on taking a seat on the front of the hottub and dropping back into the tub.

On the end some nice shots of wetdresses and pants again!