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C410 Sky’s Quiz To Avoid Tank and Charlottes Surprise Gunge

Full HD

Today we have Sky wearing a white shirt with black top underneath with jeans and knee high boots. She is in for a challenge with a quiz to see if she will end up in the gunge tank filled with red gunge. There are 10 questions, Sky must get 4 right to win the bonus question before winning if she doesn’t she will end up with the gunge. The prize is a cruise and the bonus prize is a shopping spree! Sky has an idea to use raincoat to stay dry by wearing a clear raincoat into the gunge tank. The gunge tank breaks and sky takes off the raincoat and then the gungetank works and she gets gunged! I put on the rain coat but then someone squirts me from off camera and covers me in blue gunge. We both then get down in the gunge and get properly covered before washing off at the end.