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C409 Nurse Amber Messy with Boss Lisa Sweet Food and Gunge

Full HD

Lisa is waiting on Amber, she turns up late in her uniform wearing stockings, not wearing her work trousers… but wearing stockings arguing that her fellow works and boy like the stockings.

Lisa and Amber discuss the lateness, uniform and the wellness of clients with the healthiness of the foods that Amber been feeding people. Lisa shows amber a pie and says the only thing pies are good for are ping people… she splats amber. Next its the trifle, then rice pudding, then semolina, the macaroni all poured over amber.

Lisa ask Amber if shes taken anything away from the meeting, Amber says yes pies arnt for eating… she splays Lisa back with a pie, then has an idea to save money. She tests Lisa to see if she can tell the difference between cheap custard and branded by pouring it all over Lisa. Amber pours rice pudding, then toffee sauce then semolina, then trifle.

Amber then gets a nice seat in the gunge tank, and is told she’s been voted as the most smiley colleague… so she’s won a charity gunging in black gunge. After being gunged she rolls around in the gunge on the floor before washing off.