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C401 Innocent Amy Pies Amie and Messy Tricks and Gunge

Full HD

Amie comes in then other Amy joins, i’ve left the script off camera so nip off to get it, the two girls argue over the customer buying each of them dresses then Amy pies Amie. I come back in and cant belive Amy would do that. I go off to get a pen and Amy pours custard over herself. I come back and Amy acts innocent and blames Amie! I don’t know who to believe.

I’m off to get the cards off camera and then the script again. Amy swaps the playing cards with her own. The girls sit down and play higher or lower buy of course its fixed by Amy! Amie gets a pie then condensed milk over her, then toffee sauce then rice pudding. Next they play a game of know your customer. Amie has a look at the answers on my script while i’m off cleaning up. Amy gets porridge on her, then custard, then chocolate sauce, then semolina.

Both girls are drawing from the two games so i flip a coin to see who will end up in the gunge tank. Amy offers a coin… i flip it… Amy calls heads… and it is heads… but the coin is double headed… oh well Amy gets sent to the gunge tank. but before a spare pie Splat! She then gets gunged in green and rolls around in the gunge on the floor then both are washed off.