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C395 Casey and Rhian Beauty Bitchy Pageant Messy Restaurant

Full HD

Casey and Rhian are beauty pageant contestants, Casey has won first place and is very keen to tell everyone about it, She pushes in front of Rhian in the queue to the restaurant. Charlotte picks up on the bitchiness and gets involved in stirring things up. The two go back and forth with bitchy comments, Rhian tries to be friendly but her jealousy shows. Casey cant believe people won’t just accept she won. Charlotte serves their food in front of them and they are both disgusted Casey is outspoken and Rhian is apologetic… but things change later on. Rhian tells the waiter to get the bratty Casey messy, Charlotte steals the tiara and pushes Casey’s face into the pie, then puts the pie tin on Caseys head and says ‘a nice tin hat to go with that trashy dress of yours’… Rhian laughs, then Charlotte gives Rhian the tiara,… Casey demands her tiara back and a towel… Charlotte cant believe it so she pies Casey again. Rhian laughs more… Casey thought Rhian was her friend so she pies her.

The back and forth continues with the wiater Charlotte stirring things up showing her hate for these bratty little model beauty pageant girls with lots of disgusting mixed pies with egg, jelly, spaghetti, beans, marshmallow fluff, toffee sauce, flan cases with syrup… and at the end a nice wash off with a bucket of thick clear slimy gunge!

We hope you enjoy ;D this is the customers ideas and scripting (re-worked and directed by AL)