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Jem has fallen out with Sky. Jem has nominated for Sky to come onto the messy show to resolve her anger, Though Jem didn’t realise she would be part of the show to.

They explain their falling out over a guy in a club… In each round Jem will be playing games to earn points, Sky will be trying to lower Jems points. The lower Jems score the more chance Jem has of getting messy. First some questions, then the Yes or No game then a game of Naughts and Crosses. The loser will go into the gunge tank, but they are given the chance to escape by answering questions in 45 seconds to add or take away points from the ongoing score. If Jem is successful in the show she gets to cover the loser in beans, soup, and the host in messy items such as gunge, pies, custard and rice pudding. Then wash off at the end.

The girls are wearing three quarter length gym wear with no shoes or tights, but are have bare feet.