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C391 Harley Quinn Tricks Wonder Woman into Gunge and Pies

Full HD

*Acted scene* Smug Harley Quinn wants to play a game with Wonder Woman, where she gunges WW and pies her if WW doesn’t play it then she will gunge the world. WW takes a seat in the gunge tank, confident WW thinks she can beat HQ. HQ wants WW to prove her loyalty as she doesn’t trust her so she asks WW to gunge herself in blue gunge. WW gunges herself then comes out and HQ gets ready for a pie fight, but HQ doesn’t give WW any pies! HQ pies WW lots of times then asks WW to pie herself! HQ offers to shower off WW, so she asked her to sit in the tank again, where she gunges her again with black gunge! There is one more game, its called stop the snot! WW has to no say Yes or No for one whole minute. HQ asks WW questions until she says Yes! and gets gunged in green gunge! WW comes out of the gunge tank and states one day she will get her revenge! Then at the end a wash off. All gungings are fast, and zoomed to upper body.