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C388 Casey Vs Rhian Office Wear Pies Setup

Full HD

We have Rhian and Casey dressed smartly but no tights, Today we are going to play 3 rounds of games. Round 1 i asked the girls a few questions they show us their answers, then we give them the correct answers. The punishment for Round 1 is a a triple pie sandwich. Then i change my mind just to mess with the loser. Then the winner gets to choose who plays round 2, in round two they must find 5 stars around the set and they have 2 minute to find all 5. If they don’t do it they get a pie! Things get a little confused and the pied goes to the wrong person. Then we play higher or lower cards swapping who plays against the winner of each round of cards after the loser gets pied. Until we swap over to the two losers playing each other. In the end we get washed off.