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C386 Amber and Sky Savoury Tubes Game

Full HD

Sky and Amber are both wearing PVC latex style outfits and are both barefoot. We have the tubes hung over a chair for each or the girls also there is a trolley full of savoury mess. We play a game of higher or lower, the girls before playing each round pick two items of mess from the trolley, if they win the round the mess will go into their opponents bowl in front of them and also they will be getting some mess down the tube over their head.

The looser over all gets a asked if they want to gamble and get the two buckets of mixed mess over the winners head though if they get the question wrong they receive it over their head.

At the end they both get washed off.

Camera moves around at the start showing of girls outfits and girl introductions. Then is on a tripod through out the game, when messing at the end the camera is moving/panning but mainly upper body on mess pouring with pans down to feet between etc.