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C368 Mel Vs Charlotte Music Battle to Avoid Gunge Tank

Full HD

Todays custom is hosted by Casey, Im wearing a 80s outfit, Mel is wearing a 90s outfit and Casey is wearing a 70s outfit. There are two musical rounds, we get songs played to us and we have to guess the song by choosing the title off the wall and ringing the bell, if we dont get it right it gets passed over to the other player, if we get the song title correct we can guess the artist and the year the song was released for bonus points. This round 5 songs are played.

The next round we put on some rainwear, and play individually while trying to choose song names again but this time we are getting squirted with gunge from our opponent. Then we swap over and repeat. The looser goes into the gunge tank, if its a tie both of us go into the gunge tank! After the gunging they come out and roll around in the gunge, then we both take off our rainwear to see if its protected our great outfits, then we wash off the rainwear and ourselves if needed at the end.