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C367 Emily Vs Casey Messy Gunge Tank Food Twist Games

Full HD

It’s the real messy twist customs series, today with Emily and Casey. Firstly after the introduction i get the girls to write either their name or their opponents on a piece of paper

They have a few minutes to play various games which add up points. They each have some maths questions and answers on the wall to match up, They have smarties that they have to move only certain colours from one tin to another, they must bounce in coloured ping pong balls into cups filled with water. They also have marshmallows and spaghetti to build a tower with.

After the timer is up the looser must sit in the gunge tank, while the winner plays match the pairs of cards on the table. After that its all a mystery, there are some custard and cream pies, the gunge tank filled with red and orange gunge, and a trolley full of jugs including: Spaghetti, Custard, Soups, Gunge, Rice Pudding, Beans

We also have some bowls of gunge, spaghetti, and more soups. I play with the one in the gunge tank pretending that im going to pour the mess on them and the other… nobody knows whats going on!