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C344 Monarchs Gunge Dunk Tank Gameshow EP 1

Full HD

This is a custom series funded by a customer of ours. We allowed the customer to use the term ‘Mostwam monarch’ as part of the fun character of the series.Welcome to ‘The MostWam Monarchs Royal Gunge Tank Gameshow’ hosted by me Princess Charlotte on behalf of the Monarch, The new king of the MostWam custom world. We have a 7 episode series where 4 chosen girls compete for the Monarch. The loser will be ritually humiliated in her own solo loosing episode where she will face a mix of 50 pies and a chosen forfeit but as the Monarch is fair he will reward the winner with her own solo episode with the chance of winning up to a total of 250 pounds and the chance to get another girl to face foam pies and into the gunge tank.The 4 girls will each play against each other in the form of their own solo gunge dunk episode answering questions while seated above the Monarchs Royal Gunge Dunk Tank. They will earn points along the way. Start 2-9 minutes The girl introduces themselves with a little bit of random information then the game is explained. Each question is multiple choice and a correct answer is worth 20 points, there will also be an opportunity to win bonus points. Every wrong answer means they get dunked into the gunge dunk tank they are sat above (no replay cam). If they get all questions right they will remain clean.The girl is asked their thoughts on the game rules so far, and whether they would like to win some money and thoughts on possibly losing and facing 50 pies. The girl then talks through her outfit (no tights), then their thoughts on the dunk tank and its colour. The Monarch is a fan of skimpy shoots but not prepared to pay for it but will reward the girl with bonus points for each item of clothing off that is taken off: Top, Skirt, Bra, underwear. The girl is asked if she is willing to strip any items off, and give us a twirl before taking a seat on the gunge dunk tank seat, Then is offered an extra 20 bonus points if they are committed to having their hands tied if they are to loose the competition and come back and take the 50 pies in the losing episode. The girl is then asked what they would wear in the losers show if they are to loose the competition and also a extra losing messy or non messy forfeit that they are committed to. Game 9-18 minutes We start the game with the Questions and dunkings. Ending 18-20 minutes Once over the girl comes out then gives us a twirl then i asked how many questions she got right and how she did generally. Points are added up and told to the girl. Then they are asked if they think they can make it the winning show. Final twirl and comments before end scoreboard is revealed. End 20-24 Girl is washed off.