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C343 Custom Tights and Dresses Gunge Dunk Mel Lucy

Full HD

Today we’ve got Lucy and Mel but both wearing cute dresses with some bright colourful tights. They must individually convince the camera why they shouldn’t been dunked and why the other person should not get dunked! Then they play rock paper scissors to see who actually goes into the tank. Where they get asked questions, the questions must not be answered with the obvious answer which all start with the letter M they must think of another answer, they have to get 5 correct in under 45 seconds otherwise they get dunked once! The other player thinks they are clear until they get tricked into playing a game of yes or no while sat over the dunk tank! They have 1 minute, and the questions are asked by the already messy player!

Then the girls sit down with their feet together and wiggle them about before getting washed off. This features only main camera no replay.