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C334 Halloween Splats and Ladders with Sky and Lucy

Full HD

Feet based custom with feel with hands and other games but gunge and pies losing result, and all filmed wide as normal. Thumbanilas chosen to not give anything away!

The players will take turns rolling a dice and moving their marker around the game board.

Each space that they land on will have a certain action which needs to be carried out.

The overall aim is for the players to successfully complete at least 3 of the main challenges and then make it to the end space with a higher score than their opponent.

The possible actions to be taken by the player when landing on the relevant space are as follows:

+/- score–That number is either added to or subtracted from their total.

Splat cards– They receive a splat card which they will keep a collection of until the end of the game.

Treat cards–They will pick a treat card with matching symbol from the pile. They will then carry out the instruction on the card.

Trick cards–Carry out the instruction on the card before replacing it on the bottom of the pile.

Passed trick cards–Their opponent must pick a trick card and carry out it’s instructions as with the standard trick space.

Move back–They must move back down the board.

Challenge–The letter C with a number, they will be allowed to attempt the challenge indicated by the number.

Challenge 1–The player will be blindfolded. Without letting either player see the contents, the host will introduce the players hand into a container with either an open passionfruit, lychees in syrup or pumpkin/squash/melon guts. The player will have 1min to identify the substance. They can take as many guesses as they like within the time but will not be told what the item is unless they are correct.

Challenge 2–The player will be led to a bowl containing apple sauce and several lemons. They will be given 1min to remove 3 lemons from the bowl using only their mouths.

Challenge 3–The player will be sat with a container of raw unshelled eggs in front of them at their feet. They will be given 1min to transfer 3 yolks to a second container using only their barefeet. The yolks will not count if they are broken.

Challenge 4–The player will be led to a suspended doughnut which has been dipped in golden syrup. They will be given 1min to eat at least 3/4 of the doughnut without touching either it or the string that it is suspended from with anything other than their face.

Challenge 5–The player will be sat with a container filled with pumpkin pie filling and gummy worms in front of them at their feet. They will be given 1min to transfer 3 gummy worms, one at a time, from the container to another container held by the host, next to the player at about the players shoulder height without using their hands.

The outcome is lots of pies, left over mess mixed into bowls an poured on to one wicked player, a gunge tank of purple gunge and the wellies filled with mess to be put on!