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C318 Gunge Squirts All Over Sexy Maid Sky

Full HD

Maid Sky gets called into the gunge disposal area with her cloth and bucket, She notices the gunge tube isn’t over the drain and some gunge is on the floor. Sky cleans the gunge with her cloth and the tube leaks barley missing her, she carries on cleaning and the tube leaks agai. Sky predicts more gunge is going to come out so she kneels under the tube with the bucket between her legs the gunge shoots down and Sky cant hold the tube and it squirts gunge all over her legs. Sky gets down on her hands and knees and the gunge squirts all over her back. She starts to enjoy the experience . The gunge drips down her back and bum, She stands up and attempts to brush off the gunge again sky grabs the tube trying to block it with her hands and more gunge shoots down past her hands and all over her legs.

Back to her hands and knees sky cleans the floor and more gunge shoots down all over her back and bum again. Sky slips down onto her front and enjoys rolling around in the gunge on the floor. More gunge squirts out and Sky giggles ad enjoys the experience. She makes sure the gunge gets everywhere all over her body. Trying not to waste any gunge sky mops up gunge with her cloth and wrings it out all over herself. Sky rolls around again on the floor in the gunge before kneeling up and letting the gunge squirt all over her while she has her finger in her mouth. Then she stands up and squirts gunge all over her legs, and then finally rolling around in the gunge on the floor again before cleaning up properly and then washing off!