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C289 Alice and Mia Sock Wrestling Double Gungetank

Full HD

Today Mia and Alice are playing socks or slime (gunge) hosted by Casey. The girls are each wearing short sleeve tops with shorts bare legged with cute socks! The girls wrestle to get one sock off the other, once a sock is removed they kneel back up and reset for the next round to get another sock off. Once two socks are removed off a girl the wrestling is over and the loser gets gunged in blue gunge! The next part of the game the winner plays an extra game they must choose envelopes off the table if they choose the envelopes that say lose the must remove a sock. If they get two envelopes they go in the gunge tank if they manage to get through this round with out removing their socks host Casey will go in the tank for green gunge!

After this the girls play in the gunge getting fully covered and showing off their feet before getting washed off!