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C274 Casey’s Cute Dress Gets Messy

Full HD

Casey is wearing a cute brown dress with spots with some white tights with heels. She wonders down the path and takes a seat on the curb, she gets up brushes off herself and enters the waiting room. There is 3 seats one which Casey first sits on that has some honey on it, one with butter on it, and one with oil on it. She takes a seat and then stands up noticing she has got a mark on her dress. She lifts her outer dress to reveal the lining of the dress where the honey has soaked through. Casey pulls down her dress and takes a seat on the butter seat where she realises she sat down in something again and thinks she ruined her dress. She lifts the outer dress again showing the lining where the butter has soaked through. Lastly Casey does the same but on the oil chair… after that she takes a seat and find some chocolate, crisps and more butter. Where she rubs it into her dress trying to mark it. It does okay but Casey wants more and find a few cups of honey and oil, she rubs little amounts onto the dress before pouring some down the front and back of the dress. After all of this gets in the bath full of water where she moves about in it and shows off the wet lining off her dress and gets her tights wet… she is cleaned off a bit and maybe has saved her dress!