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C270 1 Hour Big Sticky Marshmallow Games Ania and Sky

Full HD

Today we have a wonderful big epic shoot with two fabulous girls Ania and Sky with the games being hosted by Lisa. The girls start off with two unique outfits, Sky is wearing a Pink Lingerie Set, with strapped harness over the top of some shape-wear with fishnets also. Ania has a flowery dress with some stockings. This custom involves a series of small games with punishments along the way, some are clothing items and some are messy… Game 1: Shoe throwing: The girls at the same time have to put on a shoe and try to launch it and make it land onto the table. The winner gets to give the punishment to the loser. The losing punishment is to wear some super high Louboutin pink heels along with some heel restraints for the remainder of the shoot. Also the winner gets to choose if they want to wear a pair of shoes for the duration of the shoot… Game 2: This game involved a range of hooped earrings that get smaller, The two girls must drop them from table height over a bottle on the floor, the winner is the first to get an earring over the bottle. The losers punishment is to wear a pair of multi hoop earrings… Game 3: This is Choker Shoot down, The girls must pick up and fling their chokers from the fingers to knock down playing cards help up by clothes pegs. The winner is the first to knock down three of their cards. The looser of the game must wear the chokers that they shot all on their neck for the remainder of the shoot… Game 4: This game the girls have to fight to move the marshmallows from their tin to their opponents tin with the chopsticks one at a time. The messy punishment is revealed at the end. Game 5: Penny hose- The girls must put their hands into a pare of tights to try and get the pennies at the end of them, They must use any other body part or other hands to move themselves down the tights. The messy punishment is revealed at the end. Game 6: Messy Pong- The girls must bounce ping pong balls from their table to the frosting containers in the middle table, the girl with most balls in the 9 frostings wins… Messy Punishments: Game 4–The loser has to put on some thigh high clear plastic boots filled with marshmallow fluff. Game 5–The losers tights are filled with 4 5-litre containers of golden syrup. Game 6–The loser has to massage the frosting from the game into their hair. Final game and punishment. Each girl has 12 marshmallow pies, 6 oreo crust and 6 original cracker crust. They have to try and keep the pies stuck to their face for as long as possible, The girls gain 1 point for every 10 seconds the pie is stuck to their face. They have 3 minutes to see how many points they can get.

The final messy punishment for this last game is 8 5-litre cartons of golden syrup over their head. A massive messy game show with lots of stickiness and a wash off at the end!