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C252 Rhian’s Sexy Gungy Feet (Underwear)

Full HD

Today we have Rhian, She explains and shows off her outfit. It’s the first time she’s done a foot custom, She’s nervous. I ask her about being WAM model, whether she enjoys it. Rhian takes a seat, and removes her heels, then pours oil on her feet and rubs them gently, She moves and shows off her oily feet. Next she poses in different ways while the camera gets some shots of her and her feet. After that Rhian sits down on the floor where there are bowls of gunge, she plays with her hand in one, then pours the bowls over her head.

Next she dips and plays with her feet in the different colours of gunge. Then pours the bowls of gunge over her head again. After that she strips her top off then her trousers and lies down and rolls in the gunge. Then Rhian pours gunge onto her feet rubbing them together. Then she dips her feet into more bowls of gunge and then proceeds to pose lying down letting the camera get shots of her and her feet. Next its bath time where Rhian poses in the bath while gunge is poured onto her. She changes pose and gets more gunge, we see her moving her feet and rubbing them together. Once all done Rhian puts her gungy clothes back on and gets washed off! A very sexy shoot!