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Today we have Amber and Lucy. Amber is wearing a Mustard coloured tight dress with no bra, red tights with knee high fishnet stockings over the top with some cute black boots. Lucy is wearing a lilac top again with no bra with some ripped jeans with tights on underneath with some purple trainers.

The girls have come for an oil and gunge treatment, they take turns on the couch pouring oil over each other and amber sits on a chair getting more oil on her, While Lucy gets oil down her jeans! The girls sit down together pouring more oil on each other before its gunge time! They get into the bath getting covered in the copper coloured gunge. Once in the girls play in the gunge removing shoes and boots. Rolling around in the gunge and getting covered! They hop out and get different colours of gunge poured over them on the floor making works of art!