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Amber walks down the road to the studio in her purple rain coat and enters the studio. She takes off her coat revealing her pink white and blue hoodie underneath that she wears with no bra along with some funky leggings and ugg style boots with fur. She removes her shoes revealing her bright purple socks. Amber steps in the tray that has some oil in it, the oil soaks into her socks. She sits down and I pour oil down her sleeves. Then over her head which runs down her front and soaks in making her hoody see-through. Amber gets drenched then lays down in the tray and plays in the oil. Next she puts on her boots and heads to the gunge bath which is filled with copper coloured gunge. Amber slowly gets in until she is fully covered in the gunge, she submerges her head in the gunge coming up showing off the gunge all over her head.

Next Amber gets out and lays in another tray where i pour differnt coloured gunge all over her making her into a work of art. She rubs its all in and mixes it all up before heading head first into the gunge bath again before washing off!