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C203 Amber and Casey Great MostWam Pie Games

Full HD

Welcome to the great Mostwam pie off competition, We have the wonderful Amber and the great Casey. Casey is wearing a black dress with tights and some knee high boots. Amber is wearing a red dress with some stockings. The girls are given a flan case, some custard some squirty cream and cherries, They have to decorate the bases the best they can. Once decorated the girls explain what theyve done, then have to pie the oppenent. The next round is called ME pie you similar to ME pie ME, but where there are paper plates, custard, squirty cream and gunge shots. The girls put custard on the plate, then squirty cream pie their opponent and then put a gunge shot on there head. They battle to see who can do the 6 in the best time, and its down to the customer to decide who is the best!

The next round the girls have chosen a substance to impress the customer with, showing off how they can take the mess, Casey has chosen Toffee sauce, she explains why she chose it before covering her self in it. Amber has chosen some Pie Cream, she explains why she choose it before getting covered in it! The next round the girls pour gunge on their opponent to see how well they take it!

The girls explain why they are the best before getting washed off!