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C175 Janets Chained Oiling and Gunge Bath

Full HD

Today we have Janet wearing a black top with NO bra on with a grey cardigan on, with ripped skinny jeans with tights on underneath with blue shoes. Janet lost a bet the other day so i tie her hands up above her, then i unbutton her jeans and pour cold oil down the front of her jeans. I then turn her around and pour oil down the back of her jeans. Then i sit her down and get her to remove her cardigan and remove her shoes and sit down in the black tray where i pour oil on her head, next she lies back and i pour oil all over her.

Janet gets in the Silver Gunge Bath and gets covered quickly in the gunge, she sits and lies in the gunge, she goes under the gunge submerging her head. After ive had enough of her in the silver gunge bath, i get her to step out and lay on the sofa where i pour colourful gunge on her.