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C169 Emily and Charlotte Get Baptised

Full HD

Emily and i are doing a baptism today [gautschfest], Emily is wearing a denim jacket, with white t-shirt underneath and denim skinny jeans with heels, Im wearing a red hoodie with black trousers and heels.

We have a bath full of water and we have a large sponge on a seat that has been soaked in water. Emily takes a seat on the sponge getting her bum wet, She stands up and shows her wet bum and the turns around and sits down on the sponge again. We repeat a few times before i lead Emily to bath where she

steps into it and sits down. I push Emily back into the water a few times where she get soaked. I pour a bowl of water onto her head then get the big sponge and squeeze the sponges water onto her head. Next i brush the sponge all over Emily! Then i sit her back down and pour a bowl of water over her head before she gets out Emily decides i should get baptised as well. So we repeat it all with me! That’s one different way to get wet!