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C165 Bobby& Corrine in a Bronze Gunge Bath (Braless)

Full HD

Bobby and Corrine wonder down the sidewalk coming back from a big night out. The girls come in to have a relaxing bath to find out its filled with bronze gunge.

corrine is wearing a pinky/peachy croptop with some funky shorts with rips and stringed sides along with some knee high blue socks and converse trainers. Bobby is wearing a green tight dress with some bright purple tights with black heels.

Both girls are bra-less.

corrine thinks it will be fun to get in the bath, Bobby isnt so sure. Corrine dips her foot in and shows off her bronze foo. She’s impressed! Corrine continues to get more and more covered slowly and then sits down in the bath.

Bobby has warmed to the idea and decides to join Corrine. She sits her bum into the gunge and then kneels down in it. The girls take in turns getting covered in the gunge, submergin and showing off their gunge covered bodies.

They eventually step out of the bath and lie on the floor where i cover them in different coloured gunge. works of art! At the end the girls get washed off all clean again!