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C164 Lisa the Bronze Gunge Statue

Full HD

Lisa has popped her floaty hippie dress with tassles with some shiny natural tights with knee high socls, with winter boots… also some jangley jewelry with a watch.

Lisa is impressed by the bronze thick gunge bath… She dips her boots into the gunge, making them glisen in bronze gunge! wow! Lisa steps into the bath and gets the boots totally covered. Stepping out and showing the boots off again, then getting back in she gets the gunge right up high on her thighs…then sits back into the gunge bath.

Lisa plays in the gunge bath going deeper slowly… standing up showing off her bronze outfit and pulling some poses. Doing submersions unde the gunge. I get Lisa to lie on the floor and i pour some different colours of gunge onto her as she lays still like a statue on the ground. Lisa scrapes off the exccess gunge before diving into the gunge bath.

before getting out and being washed off clean again!

what A pro!