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C148 Chloe and Janet Dick and Dom in Da Bungalow Gunge

Full HD

We’re here at Dick and Doms Bungalow, Where we have Chloe who is here in her uniform with tie, grey skirt, bare legs and black socks and dolly shoes, Also

here we have Janet wearing and identical outfit, Also i have matching socks!

The girls sit down and are nervously fidgettting there toes. The girls play a game of twister and battle it out.

The looser goes in the gunge tank, but before they do they get there shoots taken off and tickled,

Once in the tank they have to sing a forfiet song, if they dont sing it good enough they gunged,

and get dirty norris all over them!

Once gunged we all get our socks in the gunge! and then wash off!