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it’s that time again… it’s another drax custom!… The moment you’ve all been waiting for… This time we have a special new face and a fun scottish theme! We have lila with us and we’re both wearing tartan skirts, Lila’s being naughty and left her bra off again! This is big messy shoot with mess including: Pink thick porridge and lots of it, Gatuax, beans, custard, jam, ice cream sauce, yogurt, milkshake, coco powder, syrup, condensed milk, flour, rice pudding, spaggeti hoops, black treacle, iron bru, oil, pies, Blue gunge and water! Leons cousin leon McMooming is around and might help out in this shoot for a suprise every 3 minutes! We start off with that scottish favourite iron bru over Lilas wonderfull ches. She screams! I carry on with oil all over her face then over her arms then her back. Next we spread the jam all over. I start pouring the black treacle but we are intrupted by the bagpipes… which means we have to jump up and dance in a scottish’ish way in doing so leon McMooming throws some water or gunge at us! We continue on with the rest of the mess! and let me tell you as always things get very messy!