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Rest 08 The Mostwam Most Massive Pie Fight 2019

Full HD

Welcome to the Mostwam restaurant where only the best food is served, today on the menu are lots of pies… We’ve got classic creamy Mostwam Pies, a few chocolate filled pies, and some surprise small splat pies… It’s starts off with Rhian discovering a hair in her cream pie, she is completely furious with Lisa’s attitude, so she throws the pie right at Lisa, who ducks, the result of which being that the pie hits poor Amber. The girls throw pies back and forth missing their opponents and getting an innocent victim drawing them into this massive tit for tat style pie fight with thrown pies, face plants, and other classic pieing techniques.

The fight gets drawn to an end when Chelsea is annoyed by the silly waitresses that keep bringing out the pies, So the girls turn it around and they all pie the waitresses Lisa and Charlotte. The waitresses have had enough so they move the tables and the fight continues into a splat pie fight with pies coming from all angles, girls falling and rolling around on the floor. The police are called and the girls kicked out and then all washed off!

This scene includes: Rhian, Jade, Chelsea, Mia, Amie, Amber and Sky are being served by waitresses, Lisa and Charlotte.

Main pie scene 34 mins, Quick fire pie fight 6 Minutes, Wash off 15 minutes, Outtakes/ Behind the scenes 2 minutes… TOO Much to show in thumbnails!