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C176 Sky and Janet Oil Pouring and Gunge Bath [Braless]

Full HD

Today we have Sky and Janet, Sky is wearing a purple tight long sleeve top, with blue skinny jeans, and purple trainers, Janet is wearing a black tight long sleeve top with blue skirt and blue tights with black heels. The girls enter the studio and decide to play with some oil that is left out. Janet pours cold oil down the front of Skys jeans, Then Sky pours the oil over Janet’s head. The girls take in turns pouring over each other getting covered slowly one by one. They make sure they are fully covered in the oil by lying down in the oil tray and rolling around.

Next the girls get into the silver gunge bath, Janet slides in and submerges her head under the gunge on the way in, Then pulls Sky into the bath backwards. The girls get covered in the gunge by lying down and rolling around. Then one gets out giving the other more room and pouring gunge onto the one in the bath. They then get out of the bath and sit on the floor while the other pours gunge in there shoes and pour gunge on them. The girls take time and make each other look pretty with the

coloured gunge. In the end they get back in the silver gunge bath and pour gold and pink gunge onto each other before getting washed off.